A healthy lifestyle is balanced.

The key to any healthy lifestyle change is finding what works for YOUR body, finding that sweet balance between nutrition and exercise. And typically what works for me, a 6’1 175lbs female isn’t going to work for a 5’1 female or a 6’5 male. We all have different metabolisms, we all have different reactions to food and exercise. You’ll have to see yourself as a scientist and your body the experiment, you have to find what works for you. And when you do, I assure you, you’ll feel spectacular.

Below are my steps to starting and maintaining a new and balanced healthy lifestyle.

The first step is supplementing your existing diet with heavy nutrition, your body is starving for it and needs to be fed. I, in all my wisdom, recommend that you start with juicing and vitamin supplements. It gives you powerful nutrients that your body is lacking and is easy and surprisingly tasty.

The next step is hydration. Most Americans do not get enough hydration. Living in Utah, I suggest to my trainee’s that they drink 120 oz a day, since Utah is one of the driest states, and your body craves hydration. Think of water as the lubricant in the machine that is your body, it needs it to function properly, so keep yourself properly hydrated and you're sure to start feeling the difference.

Next (This is the one that scares people) is cooking healthy delicious meals with whole and organic ingredients. Yes, this does require a degree of actual cooking, but with Pinterest and youtube adding easy recipes every day, you should have no problem finding recipes that your palate enjoys. You can also supplement your meals with seeds, nuts, and healthy fats.

The last step is getting enough exercise. This is extremely difficult in our busy lives. Not only do you have work, but families, friends, and other obligations, and it isn’t easy to fit in exercise after all that (when all you really want to do is sit down and binge Netflix). Baby steps. Slowly add things into your routine; wake up in the morning and do a short seven-minute workout. It wakes you up and gives you energy for the day. Then add in a walk after dinner. It helps digestion and spine lubrication. Adding things in slowly you’ll start to feel the difference and you’ll be craving more.  

You should be forewarned, being around those that haven’t made this transition is difficult. Eating is very much a social activity, and many can feel self-conscious or even pretentious for eating clean. Don't let this sway you! Talk to your friends and family, and if they don’t make the change with you stand strong and be an awesome, shining example to them all.

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