What's missing in your diet?

To put it plainly. Many things. The American Diet not only has many shortcomings in the nutritional department but is the cause of many of our egregious health issues. 

But more on that another post.

The American diet is missing key nutrients, most of which you would get out of a heavy vegetable and fruit laden diet. But let's face it, with horrifically full schedules, and social engagements, we don't necessarily surround ourselves with food that's good for us. 

That's where vitamins come in, to fill gaps in our diets that are nutritionally lacking.

Now I'm not saying that vitamins should take the place of vegetables and fruit. I highly recommend that whatever you eat daily should be at least half vegetables. No, I'm saying we can supplement healthy lifestyles and make our bodies feel awesome by taking vitamins. 

There's a lot of misinformation about vitamins. Perhaps you've heard that they don't really do anything? And that you urinate most of the nutrients?

That is just simply untrue.

Campaigns of misinformation against vitamins have been going since the 70's. But it turns out, doctors are now actually treating patients with high doses of vitamins, and having great success. Many people around the world are figuring out the gaps in their own nutrients and filling them in with vitamins, and with great health benefits, including weight loss. 

The only way you can know for sure is to try it yourself. Buy a few vitamin daily packs (for the men reading this SIX NUTRITION has VITAMINS FOR MEN) and see how they make you feel. Experiment. You are the scientist, your body the lab. 

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