The Legend of the Hydra is revered around the world for power, strength. Now thanks to a proprietary blend of modern technology and all natural ingredients, you can claim the ultimate glory.

HYDRA by SIX Nutrition is formulated to deliver essential electrolytes, vitamins, and natural energy for all day hydration Naturally sourced green tea and guarana seed extract deliver a boost of energy, does not cause jitters, shakes nor an energy crash afterward An electrolyte blend of sodium, potassium, and magnesium, delivering vital supplements for both athletes and desk jockeys alike Zero carbs and less than 5 calories per serving, formulated to be used every day, all day without worrying about empty calories from sugars Gluten free, GMP certified, made in the USA, paleo friendly, helps you reach your potential in sports, fitness, love, life and work The Story Behind the Legend Featured in most regions, the HYDRA tonics were valiantly reaped, centuries ago, from the ichor of the grand serpent--Hydra. Soon after, the tonics mysteriously vanished, drifted into fabled legend, and were thought to be lost for all time... Now, forged within the eternal spring, HYDRA's master ENERGY meld is imbued with vitamins & natural energy to function symbiotically within the metabolism of your own flesh. It delivers to you an undeviating, unwavering pure energy for your forthcoming battles.