I HAVE PRETTY WELL CONFIRMED HIGHER ENERGY LEVEL THROUGH OUT THE DAY. I used to throw down a five hour energy just about every afternoon at about 2 or 3 pm. No more!!! I have good energy during my runs and workouts. I am taking nothing but SIX and an additional iron supplement (an old man thing) but I know the SIX is working for me. I RE-ORDERED YESTERDAY. SIX IS FITTING IN REAL WELL WITH MY RUNNING SCHEDULE. I am ramping up for a half marathon in st George in January and I like the way I’m feeling as well as the recovery I’m experiencing as well. Ask your triathletes if they have noticed a slightly more comfortable recovery after long work outs. I really think that I am and at 58 it’s welcome. Use what you would like on your website. I’m thinking this is working out pretty well.”