I’VE BEEN VERY IMPRESSED BY THE PRODUCT. Specifically when I’ve taken vitamins or eat something fortified (like a cereal), I notice that my urine will be brighter yellow the next time I go to the bathroom. After using SIX for a week I’ve noticed the yellow color, but it tended to last for longer, which I feel shows that the supplements are staying in the body for longer and being absorbed, rather than just immediately passed through the body. In terms of energy levels, I did my hardest “training run” last weekend in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials in January. I did the entire Dallas White Rock Marathon as a long hard progression run. I did the marathon in 2:24 with a 1:13 first half and a 1:11 second half. It was in 42F weather, pouring rain, and strong winds…as well as in the middle of a 95 mile week. 95 isn’t close to my highest mileage, but shows the lack of a taper. I felt great and executed the run perfectly. I actually finished 3rd place in a competitive field that included 7 East Africans. I took the pack of SIX in the morning at breakfast when I woke up at 5am before the 8am race. I am definitely impressed by the product.”