A COUPLE MONTHS AGO A FRIEND OF MINE GAVE ME A BLACK BOX WITH THE ROMAN NUMERALS VI AND NUTRITION IN A FUTURISTIC GREEN FONT. Working for a fitness company he had come across this and since he knew I was getting ready for the NYC Marathon he gave it to me since it was “supplements”. As my training for the NYC Marathon came close I put the box to the side as I did not want to try anything new so soon to the race that I had not been practicing it. I took a week off after the marathon, I needed it but I was itching to get back in the gym, as I had just gotten accepted in the NYC 2012 Triathlon. As I was cleaning my room one day I ran across the VI Nutrition black box that I had put on the shelf next to my protein. I immediately got excited as I wanted to try something new and as I started reading how it worked and did some research online of Six Nutrition. The reviews were off the chart so I decided to give it a try. AS A PERSONAL TRAINER ON THE SIDE AND HAVING STARTED MY OWN COMPANY REFIT ONLINE I WAS NEVER A BIG FAN OF SUPPLEMENTS AS I ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THINGS NATURALLY. So I decided to give this a try and actually measure my body on the month that I was on Six Nutrition (Month of November 2011). The training started for the NYC Triathlon, my training regiment included AM/PM training something I had never done before. A couple days passed and I was feeling amazing. I was not experiencing fatigue, even thought my body was going through some serious changes, I reached a top bph heart rate of 195 while I was training (something that I have always wanted to achieve). I WAS FLIPPING TIRES FASTER THAN EVER, USING CHAIN WALKS, RESISTANCE BANDS FELT LIKE SOFT STRINGS, PARACHUTES FELT LIKE A SIMPLE AIRED T-SHIRT THAT CATCHES THE BREEZE AS YOUR RUNNING. My body fat dropped by 5% to 8.25% and I can honestly say that I was in the best shape of my life while I was on Six Nutrition. The energy and daily vitamins that I needed to train harder, move stronger, run/swim faster was all due to Six Nutrition and I’m proud to say that my top physical condition was in fact due to Six Nutrition. I recommend this produce to all of my 8 clients that I am teaching full time now at ReFit and all have amazing things to say about the product and I can see myself that their training habits have drastically improved and best of all they feel good. So thank you for this product, as a non supplement user I can honestly say that this product is a not a “supplement” it’s a way of life. I strongly hope that you can consider me as a candidate for the free refill program with your athletes promotion. This was me last week after i ended my first month on Six Nutrition.