Stop counting, start eating!


The great lie.

The bane of my professional personal training existence.

Let's get this straight

Not all calories are created equal

100 calories of soda and 100 calories of vegetables are going to affect your body on entirely different levels.

One has a negative nasty impact, freaking out your pancreas and kidneys with insulin and hormones.

The other is going to supply your body with much-needed vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that your body needs.

A perfect example of this iis the martian. He needs calories and nutrients to survive. He has a limited supply of calories, but he has a crap ton of vitamins, which keeps him alive even on a very limited caloric intake.

Here in the U S of A, and anywhere we spread the western diet, we have the opposite problem.

We have an abundance of calories in our food like substances, but not enough nutrients.

So we are malnourished.

And feel like shit.

Which is not great.

So what can you do?

Switch to the human diet. 50% veg, protein, berries, and whole grains. Calorie counting isn’t necessary if you’re eating the proper diet in the first place, mixed of course with proper exercise.

So stop counting, start eating!

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