Frequently Asked Questions for  SIX for MEN vitamins:


Q.  Is SIX for MEN safe for athletes?

A.  Yes, SIX was built and designed to be used by athletic guys.  SIX for Men does not contain any ingredients that could be considered anabolic steroids, prohibitive, or that would negatively affect your athletic performance.  In fact just the opposite is true.  SIX is all natural, safe, effective, and will help you perform better. We guarantee it. 


Q. Are you going to come out with a women’s product?

A.  Maybe. Women are complicated.  (We generally think that’s a good thing)


Q.  Can I take SIX for MEN if I’m lactose intolerant.

A.   Yes. However, then you might not want to drink any milk afterwards.


Q.  I heard SIX is great for hangovers. Is that true?

A. You tell us.  :)


Q.  Is SIX a stimulant?   Will it make me feel jittery?

A.  No and no. That is not it’s purpose.  However, SIX does contain a potent dose of vitamins, supplements, and natural herbs.  Including a few that give you a kick of energy.  There is some natural caffeine in the mix...about the same as a 12 oz can of diet coke.


Q.  My pee is slightly yellow to neon green, is that normal?

A.  Cool huh.  That’s normal when you first start taking SIX.  It will transition over the next week or two.  When you first start your body is adjusting to having all these nutrients and trying to figure out what to do with them all.  The water soluble nutrients that it doesn’t immediately use will safely pass through your urine.   The B vitamins in particular can make your toilet  glow in the dark.  The fat soluble nutrients will be stored until needed later.  The change in color is proof that your body is absorbing SIX.  The only way to get from your stomach to your kidneys (urine) is through your bloodstream.    SIX has been tested by hundreds of guys and dozens of competitive athletes safely and with amazing results. Click here to read a few of the testimonials.


Q. Why do I take SIX for 6 days and take a day off?

 A: We at SIX know that there can be such thing as too much of a good thing—or what we call, “Over Supplementation”. It is also true that our body can build up excess vitamins, and your body can begin to turn away over exposed nutrients. So, with SIX, we encourage people to take 1 day off each week. Taking a day off gives your body a break, and is a safe practice to make sure you are not “over-supplementing.” Taking a day off will also maximize your benefit.


Q. How is SIX different from other traditional vitamins?

For one, we are much more than a vitamin.  No other product on the market has the breadth of nutrients and the potency that SIX does.  SIX targets more than just basic nutrition. We’re looking to help you achieve your optimal health.   Want to know how we stack up side by side to the big boy brands?  Click here: See how SIX compares to GNC's Mega Men and Centrum.


Q. When should I take SIX?

A.  Take 1 pouch a day in the morning with a glass of water OR take 1 pouch about 30 minutes before your workout.  You will feel better. We guarantee it. 


Q.  Is SIX safe for women and children?

A.  Yes but it’s called SIX for MEN.  If your daughter or your dog ate a pouch she’ll live.  



Q.  Can I take SIX if I’m pregnant?

A.   It’s for men.  

Q.  Where is SIX manufactured?

A.  Manufactured in the USA.  And proud of it.


Q. I am a professional athlete. Is SIX for me?

Yes.  As a professional athlete were confident that you will love the way SIX improves your game.  From faster recovery times to better mobility, SIX has what it takes to help you perform at your peak.  Think of SIX for Men as your daily base.  You will likely be taking additional supplements to help during long events, or maybe not. We’ve had several athletes tell us that by taking SIX they were able to forgo many of their other supplements.  Thus saving them time and money.


Q.  I’m not a professional athlete is SIX still for me?

Yes.  The key ingredients in SIX are built for active men.  Unfortunately, many of us guys don’t get enough of the good stuff in our regular diets so SIX helps to add a healthy dose of the traditional vitamins and essential nutrients we all need, but also packs on extra key ingredients for the athlete in each of us.


Q.  Where are you guys based out of?

A.  Our warehouse and customer service team is based out of Utah, in the USA.


Q. How long have you been in business?

A.  SIX Nutrition was founded in summer of 2011. 


Q.  Are you for real?

A.  Email us or hit us up on FB.  If we're not in Cabo or Hawaii, we'd love to chat. 


Q. What’s the square root of Pi?

A.  Just cause we named the company after a discrete biprime number doesn’t mean we teach Algebra on the weekends.  Most of us have a hard enough time counting laps in the pool.