Astaxanthin, the new powerhouse
Astaxanthin is the new powerhouse supplement of 2018, because of it's the combination of antioxidant power and metabolism ability, this supplement can keep you energized, reduce pain, help your heart, and improve overall health. 
Antioxidant properties help:
Cancer - according to one study, because of the powerful antioxidant properties scientists have found short and long-term benefits in the treatment of breast cancer, including the reduction of growth of cancer cells.
Skin - Another study has shown that Astaxanthin helps collagen production, helps smooth wrinkles, reduces age spots, and holds in moisture so your skin remain clear and soft. 
Endurance and Power - The most intriguing studies have been done in regards to astaxanthins ability to utilize and burn the body's stores of fatty acids, which ups your endurance and helps prevent muscle and skeletal breakdown. 
Heart and Cardiac Health - studies have shown that astaxanthin has positive effects on hypertension. It has also been shown that astaxanthin thickens arterial walls in the heart. It also helps lower cholesterol. 
Joint Paint - antioxidants help reduce inflammation and helps reduce pain, especially due to arthritis. 
Six Nutrition ASTA-VI is all natural and safe for both men and women, astaxanthin is shown to be 500x stronger than Vitamin E and its power potential for both athletes and nonathletes is just beginning to be realized.


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