HYDRA PERFORM: BCAA's + Electrolytes, 20 Servings
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HYDRA Perform, Blackberry Bomb, 20, 20 ounce servings, Net WT. 4.0 oz. 

HYDRA Perform is a BCAA and vitamin fortified hydration drink mix. Perform is designed to work as a during (intra) and post work out, build and recover drink. Formulated for endurance athletes, HYDRA Perform is a great-tasting, all-natural performance hydration drink mix. Combined with electrolytes, loaded with BCAA's and a synergistic blend of nutrients, Perform will provide performance energy, support lean muscle growth, and reduce workout recovery time. Whether you're hitting the gym, the road, or the big event, Perform is designed to help you be your best. HYDRA Perform is your leg up on the competition.

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