I’M 41 YEARS YOUNG AND I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THE FACT THAT I’M AGING. I’ve always been active and have maintained a consistent workout regime over the years, but have still felt the effects of age. Since I’ve been using SIX as part of my daily diet, I’ve felt a big improvement in nearly every aspect of my health. From my brain, to myjoints, to my energy—I’ve felt stronger, healthier, more productive. SIX has affected me most profoundly in the following ways: MIND. I’m finding that my mind has been more sharp and clear than it has been in years. My memory seems quicker and my ability to concentrate has increased. JOINTS. Running has been difficult in the past, because my ankles and knees have caused me so much pain. Since I’ve been using SIX, I’ve noticed perhaps a 90% decrease in joint pain. When I do have some soarness, it is completely gone in the morning. MUSCLES. I work out almost everyday and feel like I’ve plateaued. I’ve struggled to make gains since I passed the 30 year mark. After about 3 weeks of taking SIX, I started to make some modest gains in some of the lifts I do. I’ve dropped a few pounds and am starting to see some greater muscle mass in my shoulders, and legs. I actually feel like I’m getting stronger and I feel like I’m on a whole new level at the gym now. ENERGY. Almost immediately I noticed the energy kick from SIX. I’ve been sleeping about 6 hours a night and have found that I’m much more energetic and motivated at the gym in the mornings. But the most exciting thing has been that when I get home in the evenings, I’m not wiped out—like I used to be. I find that I’ve got a good stream of healthy energy up until about 9pm. I also feel like I’m sleeping much better than before SIX.“