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Getting older is rough on active guys like you and me. As our bodies get older, it takes longer for muscles and joints to recover after a workout. Our athletic lifestyle becomes harder to maintain. We get sore in places we never did before. Our energy fades earlier in the day. And sometimes it even seems like it’s harder to remember things.

After a man turns 30, the challenges of the active, athletic lifestyle start to wear down the body, slowing recovery and dulling our youthful sharpness. Even our sex life can be effected.

But what if there was a way to fight back against the changes of aging, even reverse them? What if you could increase your strength, speed recovery, boost your energy throughout the day, and even perform better in the bedroom? What if there was a simple, easy-to-use supplement program to strengthen your heart, increase recovery in your joints and muscles, and sharpen your mind so you can attack the challenges of your day head on?

Introducing SIX FOR MEN!


SIX FOR MEN is the most complete nutritional supplement on the planet. It was conceived, designed and formulated to combat the aging process in active, performance-oriented, athletic guys like you! Tested by endurance athletes, it has proven effective in building strength, maintaining energy, sharpening the mind, speeding recovery, and even helping improve sexual performance.

SIX FOR MEN gives you the edge longer, makes you feel younger, boosts your metabolism and keeps you going longer, harder, faster and stronger. It will keep you running fast, jumping high, and digging deep. It harnesses the energy of healthy, natural ingredients that are NO FILLER and ALL KILLER. Plus it has none of the complicated chemicals of the competing supplements that can actually cause your body more harm than good.

Optimizes Six Key Elements of the Athletic Lifesytle

SIX FOR MEN is the only men’s supplement specifically formulated to target the SIX key functions for optimal men’s health:

HEART – SIX FOR MEN builds stamina and performance by feeding your heart with a host of natural, organic ingredients including Coenzyme Q-10, L-Arginine, Folic Acid, and Vitamin D, that are medically proven to support arterial wall health. Heart health is all about improving blood flow.

JOINT – The Astaxanthin contained in SIX FOR MEN helps repairs cartilage and prevents damage to joints caused by the stress of tough workouts and athletic exertion. It also contains olive oil and glucosamine to ease chronic joint pain, and Vitamin D and Vitamin E to keep your joints feeling youthful.

SEX – The all natural ingredients in SIX FOR MEN are designed to promote healthy sexual libido and performance. Key ingredients include Arginine to improve blood flow, Saw Palmetto and Pygeum Africanum to support prostate health, and pumpkin seed for proper hormonal balance.

MUSCLE – SIX FOR MEN contains amino acids, which help to repair damaged muscles, increase lean muscle mass, and reduce lactic acid levels so you can have the strength and confidence to hit the gym for workouts that are longer and more intense.

MIND – SIX FOR MEN gives you focus and clarity to keep your mind game ready. It contains electrolytes that focus your mind and enhance your nervous system function, as well as B-Vitamins and green tea extract that stimulate red blood cell production to keep your mind razor sharp and whip smart.

ENERGY – With a healthy dose of natural energy, SIX FOR MEN gives a host of supplements so you can get empowered and sustain that energy all day long. It gives you increased power and boosts your metabolism so you can tackle challenges and overcome obstacles throughout your day.

When you start using SIX FOR MEN, you can throw away many of your other supplements because it has proven more effective than anything else on the market, gives you better, more productive workouts, and will make you feel more energized. It is one of the most effective of all vitamin supplements for men, with more strength-building nutrients than GNC’s MegaMen. And it will give you all day energy, with more sustained power than 5-Hour Energy.

Quick Results from Triathalon Nutrition

SIX FOR MEN has been proven effective for athletes performing at every level, from the weekend warrior to the endurance athlete. It gives you triathalon nutrition so you can build muscle quicker and recover faster.

At SIX Nutrition Inc., we created SIX FOR MEN with you in mind. We know you want to achieve superior results, and with SIX FOR MEN we made it EASY! It is the only is the PREMIUM vitamins for men supplement created by men for men with the performance nutrition to give you maximum strength, power and energy throughout your day.


Like you, I enjoy an active lifestyle. I’m a lifetime outdoors enthusiast, a surfer, hiker, skier, wakeboarder, runner and triathlete, as well as a husband and father of three beautiful children. I received by MBA from the University of Utah and have been competing in the fast-paced world of business ever since.

But only a few years ago, I turned 35 and had been working in corporate and start-up America for the past ten years. I wasn’t in a physical shape I could be proud of. So I got a new job, lost a few pounds, started surfing again and I went back to the gym, but I didn’t have the energy and wasn’t recovering like I knew I should.

Was I getting old? But in my mid-30s? So I looked to the gym stores, went to GNC, shopped the net, but couldn’t find anything that was dialed in to a guy in my position. I didn’t want to be a body builder, I just wanted to boost my metabolism, heal faster and feel better.

Performance is important but I wasn’t running marathons every weekend or partying with testosterone fueled base jumping buddies... But I may want to...that was the key. I needed something for me TODAY, and the me in my mind’s eye.

So SIX Nutrition, Inc. was born! I knew I was capable of more. I knew I could do more, be better, go all day like I did when I was 20. But my body needed some help and I knew I was going to have to build the perfect product myself.”

--- SIX Nutrition Founder,  S. Kerry Brown


SIX FOR MEN has been medically tested to be 100 percent safe. It has been proven effective to help athletes like you sustain the active, rugged lifestyle you have been enjoying for years. SIX FOR MEN meets or exceeds all FDA requirements for food and product safety and is manufactured in a GMP certified facility according to all government standards.

At SIX Nutrition Inc. our primary objective is to help active, athletic guys like you reach their full potential. We want to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be -- whether it’s in sports, fitness, life, love, or work. SIX FOR MEN helps guys like you feel better, look younger, and live longer. We know you don’t plan to get old; neither do we.


SIX FOR MEN Crushes the Competition

SIX FOR MEN is one of the most effective vitamins for men on the market today. It gives you triathalon nutrition with more strength-building nutrients than GNC’s MegaMen and more sustained power than 5-Hour Energy. SIX FOR MEN is proven effective at building muscle, speeding recovery, and sharpening your mind. Listen to what these athletes who have used SIX FOR MEN have to say:


Increased Energy – This is not only seen during my training sessions, but throughout the day. I can pinpoint specific improvements in my training sessions and I believe are mostly due to SIX Nutrition.

Increased Performance – I can pinpoint specific improvements in my training sessions and I believe are mostly due to Six Nutrition.

Increased Attentiveness – This will be needed during longer training session and during racing when mental control is needed as well as strategic decisions have to be made when fatigued.

Improved Recovery – Before taking Six Nutrition, and even during a two week period while not running, I was wearing my compression clothing to bed 2-3 times a week. This was to help aid in the recover due to a back-to-back hard days. I usually wore it when I knew that I’d be feeling it (fatigued) the next day or when I was already fatigued. The fatigue I’m referring to is muscle fatigue. Anyways, since using Six Nutrition, without even thinking about it, I haven’t used my compression clothes. I just haven’t felt the need. This includes a string of days that I did a 2 hr bike ride one day, 2 hrs again the next, and 3 the following!

--- Jameson King, Pro Triathlete
















SIX FOR MEN is easy to use. Each daily pouch contains six different colored capsules, each of which contains premium ingredients that serve a specific purpose in strengthening your body and improving your health. SIX FOR MEN is delivered to your door in a one-month supply housed in a stylish black box that will look great on your dresser or in your gym bag.


 “I had been taking multivitamins for years but I had to mix and match 3 or 4 different pills from a few different companies, this was annoying and I often would run out of pills at different times so it was not at all consistent. I found SIX and realized that not only could I get the consistency I wanted but also that I got an incredibly rounded vitamin. Within the first day of taking six I felt a difference. After only a week I noticed that I had increased energy and even more regularity in sleeping and other areas of my life. I cannot imagine life without SIX.”

--- Nate Farnsworth, Cyclist, Fitness Coach





SIX FOR MEN will help you build muscle and speed recovery to your muscles and joints after every hard workout and gruelling gym session. It gives you the stamina you need throughout your day, and will even help your sexual performance. It is the most comprehensive supplement program available anywhere and was specifically designed to help active, athletic men like you maintain the fitness level they desire.


 “A couple months ago a friend of mine gave me a black box with the roman numerals VI and Nutrition in a futuristic green font. Working for a fitness company he had come across this and since he knew I was getting ready for the NYC Marathon he gave it to me since it was “supplements” . As my training for the NYC Marathon came close I put the box to the side as I did not want to try anything new so soon to the race that I had not been practicing it. I took a week off after the marathon, I needed it but I was itching to get back in the gym, as I had just gotten accepted in the NYC 2012 Triathlon. As I was cleaning my room one day I ran across the VI Nutrition black box that I had put on the shelf next to my protein. I immediately got excited as I wanted to try something new and as I started reading how it worked and did some research online of Six Nutrition. The reviews were off the chart so I decided to give it a try.

As a personal trainer on the side and having started my own company ReFit online I was never a big fan of supplements as I always wanted to do things naturally. So I decided to give this a try and actually measure my body on the month that I was on Six Nutrition. (Month of November 2011) The training started for the NYC Triathlon, my training regiment included AM/PM training something I had never done before. A couple days passed and I was feeling amazing. I was not experiencing fatigue, even thought my body was going through some serious changes, I reached a top bph heart rate of 195 while I was training (something that I have always wanted to achieve). I was flipping tires faster than ever, using chain walks , resistance bands felt like soft strings, parachutes felt like a simple aired t shirt that catches the breeze as your running. My body fat dropped by 5% to 8.25% and I can honestly say that I was in the best shape of my life while I was on Six Nutrition. The energy and daily vitamins that I needed to train harder, move stronger, run/swim faster was all due to Six Nutrition and I’m proud to say that my top physical condition was in fact due to Six Nutrition. I recommend this produce to all of my 8 clients that I am teaching full time now at ReFit and all have amazing things to say about the product and I can see myself that their training habits have drastically improved and best of all they feel good. So thank you for this product, as a non supplement user I can honestly say that this product is a not a “supplement” it’s a way of life.

--- Albi Skenderi, Personal Trainer: ReFit Training Systems





The Only Supplement You Will Ever Need!

Want more triathalon nutrition with more strength-building nutrients than GNC’s MegaMen and more sustained power than 5-Hour Energy? SIX FOR MEN is the only supplement you will need to build muscle, speed recovery, improve heart health, sharpen your mind, and help improve your sexual performance.


I’m 41 years young and I refuse to accept the fact that I’m aging. I’ve always been active and have maintained a consistent workout regime over the years, but have still felt the effects of age. Since I’ve been using SIX as part of my daily diet, I’ve felt a big improvement in nearly every aspect of my health. From my brain, to myjoints, to my energy—I’ve felt stronger, healthier, more productive. SIX has affected me most profoundly in the following ways:

Mind. I’m finding that my mind has been more sharp and clear than it has been in years. My memory seems quicker and my ability to concentrate has increased.

Joints. Running has been difficult in the past, because my ankles and knees have caused me so much pain. Since I’ve been using SIX, I’ve noticed perhaps a 90% decrease in joint pain. When I do have some soreness, it is completely gone in the morning.

Muscle. I work out almost every day and feel like I’ve plateaued. I’ve struggled to make gains since I passed the 30 year mark. After about 3 weeks of taking SIX, I started to make some modest gains in some of the lifts I do. I’ve dropped a few pounds and am starting to see some greater muscle mass in my shoulders, and legs. I actually feel like I’m getting stronger and I feel like I’m on a whole new level at the
gym now.

Energy. Almost immediately I noticed the energy kick from SIX. I’ve been sleeping about 6 hours a night and have found that I’m much more energetic and motivated at the gym in the mornings. But the most exciting thing has been that when I get home in the evenings, I’m not wiped out—like I used to be. I find that I’ve got a good stream of healthy energy up until about 9pm. I also feel like I’m sleeping much better than before SIX. “

--- Scott Miller, Weekend Warrior, Gym Rat






 Limited Time Special Internet Pricing

What would you pay for the regenerative benefits and triathalon nutrition of SIX FOR MEN? What would it be worth to you to achieve your full potential, exceed your goals, feel better all the time, look younger and more attractive, and live longer? $100? $200? $500?

Because we are so excited about helping you become the man you want to be, as an internet special we are offering you a one month supply of SIX FOR MEN for ONLY $59. That’s right, 30 days worth of the best PREMIUM vitamins for men supplements on the market for less than the cost of a night out on the town!

For a VERY LIMITED TIME, you can receive the triathalon nutrition program with more strength-building nutrients than GNC’s MegaMen and more sustained power than 5-Hour Energy that will build muscle, speed recovery, improve heart health, sharpen your mind, and improve your sexual performance at this very special price.

At SIX Nutrition Inc., we want active, athletic guys like you to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. We want you to excel in sports, meet your fitness goals, enhance your love life, be successful at work. SIX FOR MEN can help you reach your full potential by making you feel better, look younger and live longer. With SIX FOR MEN, getting older doesn’t mean you have to slow down!

Special Bonus Offer!

As an added bonus, if you purchase a three month supply of SIX FOR MEN, we will send it to you for ONLY $149! That’s $18 off the already discounted 30-day price! Plus you will receive a premium custom-designed workout shirt for you to wear during your gym sessions at no additional cost!

That’s a three month supply of SIX FOR MEN -- the best supplement on the market that is proven to improve your heart, joint, sex, muscle, mind, energy -- plus a high-quality custom-designed workout shirt for only $149! That’s an unbelievable deal, but it won’t last long, so act now!

Incredible Guarantee Offer

At Six Nutrition, we are so convinced that SIX FOR MEN will make dramatic improvements to your health and enhance your vitality, energize your workouts, improve your sex life, sharpen your mind, increase your endurance, speed your recovery and keep you stronger and energized all day long that we are backing it up with this amazing guarantee offer.

If, after using SIX FOR MEN for 90 days, you don’t agree that it is the best triathalon nutrition program you have ever used, if you don’t feel more energy or experience better overall health in 90 days, we will return 110 PERCENT of your money! That’s right, we are so confident that SIX FOR MEN will work for you that we are making this amazing guarantee. None of our competitors does that!

SIX FOR MEN is guaranteed to make give you better, more productive workouts, and make you feel more energized throughout your day WITH NO RISK TO YOU! You can benefit from more all-natural strength-building nutrients than GNC’s MegaMen and more sustained power than 5-Hour Energy without risking anything!

SIX FOR MEN has been proven to work for athletes at every level. Whether you are a weekend warrior or an endurance athlete, SIX FOR MEN will work for you, we guarantee it! It gives you the triathalon nutrition you need to build muscle more quickly and recover faster. SIX FOR MEN is the PREMIUM daily vitamins for men supplement created by men for men with the performance nutrition to give you maximum strength, power and energy throughout your day. And it is safe, effective and easy to use.


 I have pretty well confirmed higher energy level throughout the day. I used to throw down a five hour energy just about every afternoon at about 2 or 3 pm. No more!!! I have good energy during my runs and workouts. I am taking nothing but SIX and an additional iron supplement (an old man thing) but I know the SIX is working for me.”

I re-ordered yesterday. SIX is fitting in real well with my running schedule. I am ramping up for a half marathon in st George in January and I like the way I’m feeling as well as the recovery I’m experiencing as well. Ask your triathletes if they have noticed a slightly more comfortable recovery after long work outs. I really think that I am and at 58 it’s welcome. Use what you would like on your website. I’m thinking this is working out pretty well.

--- Brad Beus, Triathlete




 So what are you waiting for? Throw away all your other supplements and start benefiting from the only vitamins for men supplement that targets the six key elements of the athletic man’s health. Get your 30-day supply of SIX FOR MEN at this incredible internet price of just $59 TODAY! Or order your 90-Day supply for $149 and get your amazing internet savings plus your free custom designed workout shirt!

Whichever you decide, you’ll be glad you chose the only PREMIUM supplement that can fight back against and even reverse the changes of aging, increase your strength, speed recovery, boost your energy throughout the day, and even improve your performance in the bedroom. It’s guaranteed!

Order SIX FOR MEN today! You will be glad you did!


Yours for Improved Performance,




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