The 3 Things Wrong With Ketone Supplements

The 3 Things Wrong With Ketone Supplements

Exogenous ketones are all the rage right now for boosting your health, fat burning capabilities, vamping up your low carb diet, and keeping your bodies ketosis right where you want it. Sadly most ketone supplements fall short of the mark, why? Well, here are 3 things that are wrong with most ketone supplements.

1. They only use BHB.

BHB's (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) are ketone salts that help your body with ketosis. BHB's alone will help your body produce ketones for anywhere between  30 minutes to about 3 hours. This is a fantastic life hack, but science has proven,  that if you combine BHB with MCT's (medium chain triglycerides) you get about double the ketone bodies and for an extended period of time. In some cases, ketone bodies were extended out for almost double what BHB salts alone did. 

BHB plus MCT benefits chart


2. They add chemicals and sugars that your body doesn’t need.

To compensate for the lack of energy that people often feel in transitioning to ketosis, ketone supplement makers add a lot of junky anhydrous caffeine, sugars, or other chemicals. The problem with this is that your body ends up crashing aside from the fact that you're putting potentially harmful ingredients into your body that it doesn’t want or need. However, they also add extra crap because...

3. Ketone supplements taste horrendous.

Electrolytes are essential for your body’s ability to produce ketones, as your body starts working hard to remove fat, it expels that through the urine, making it vital that you drink a lot of water and keep up your electrolytes. The easy and cheap way to do this is with basic table salt. The problem is, well, it’s cheap and quick, and there are MUCH better ways of intaking electrolytes… pretty much any other way. This also makes most ketone supplements utterly abhorrent tasting, but more on that later. Let's rewind, so far they’ve packed their supplements full of salt, then caffeine, then sugar, and to top it all off a whole bunch of chemicals to make it taste better. Which they have to do because they’ve created something that's bloody awful.

Hydra K-BOOSTNow fret not, SIX Nutrition saw this happening and created a product to fix all these issues, especially taste. SIX's HYDRA K-BOOST tastes amazing! Why? Because we add real electrolytes not just table salt, and we use natural ingredients to make something that tastes better than most regular drinks, and we combine MCT's with BHB's for fuel that will give you energy and NEVER have you crashing.  

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