Holiday Survival Guide

December is the time of year for gifts, parties, and food. And it's the food that will inevitably lead to the holiday weight gain. Don't want your weight loss journey thrown into disarray? Follow these helpful tips for navigating parties during the holidays and keep on track!

1. Eat before you go: This sounds counterproductive but, hear me out. Before you go out celebrating eat a full and highly nutritious meal (and when I mean nutritious, I mean at least half vegetables). This trick is to fill you up, the vegetables will keep you full longer and you will only munch and nibble as a result.

2. Protein is your friend: Eating a full dinner at a party? No worries, start with the proteins. There aren't a lot of traditional veggie-filled dishes during this season, so stick with high protein plan at a party. Start with turkey and chicken if they are available. 

3. Have a piece of pie: pie tends to be one of the "healthier" dessert options. But if you have a piece, have a piece. Many make the mistake of having a "sliver" of each kind, and end up eating two or three pieces worth. So if you are going to indulge, have a full piece and only one. You'll feel satisfied and can work it off during your next workout.

4. Drink ALOT:.... of water: Water is filling, and especially during the cold season (if you're in a dry state) your body needs it more than usual. Drink 24oz of water before you leave, then stick to water during the party. 

5. But if you're drinking: politely ask what drinks will be there: This is a trick that can make you look super classy and polite all at the same time. Ask the host what drinks they plan on serving because you'd like to bring one to help out. Normally with close friends and relatives, this is very welcome. Eggnog, glogg, and spiked punches aren't great for the waistline, so bring a wine, sherry, or even gin and tonic. You can stick to your drink and help out the host. (Keep in mind, most eggnog has around 343 calories and 19 grams of fat per cup)

6. If it's a potluck: Bring healthy options. Many people are swayed by peer pressure, so being around a bunch of loved ones chowing down on calories can lead you to break your willpower. So bring a few healthy dishes, make sure they're tasty, and you can share the love.  

7. Time your workout: Last but not least, time when you workout. Men, if you do a short workout (cardio) before a party it keeps your appetite at bay. Women, have the opposite problem. So make sure you don't work out beforehand. Work out early in the day, or after you get back, or even wait for the next day. And make sure you keep tabs on how many calories you're burning off. 

Keep these tips in mind and have your waistline be smaller when you come out the other side of the party gauntlet. Happy Holidays from everyone at SIX NUTRITION.


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